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The T-6 Racing Assocation is all about T-6’s and racing.
Our mission is to bring great racing to our fans in Reno and other venues where racing may be.
Everyone is welcomed to join.

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See you in Reno in September!

  Congratulations to 2015 Gold Winner Dennis Buehn Race #43! Full article and results here.

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Thank you for the great photo - Don Dawson!

Ralph Rina will be at the controls of Race #2 this year.

Do you know when Ralph's first year of racing is?
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“"Off-2-A~'Good-Start!"~:>) Wed. 9/16/15-Reno NCAR-T6 Class HT1C: Rookie Wisconsin race pilot~*Eric Woelbing* is captured flying a nice tight courseline around the pylon~while running in 3rd-place @ 211.391-av/mph in this beautiful natural-aluminum finish Harvard Mk-IV racer~#2-“Bare Essentials”(N1465), during Reno-2015’s first preliminary heat-contest for the exciting ‘loud & round’~T-6 Racing Class & Woelbing’s very-first air-racing competition event. He qualified on Monday @ 201.620-mph as 15th-fastest in the Sixes & wrapped-up race week by garnering 3rd-place in the T6 Bronze Trophy Final on Saturday @ 216.621-av/mph. An~‘FYI’~for air race fans~Eric also happens to own not one, but TWO famous Unlimited Class Hawker Sea Fury racers: #87-“Miss Merced” (N878M) & #15-“Furias” (NX4434P) & we all wish him a long & successful future career as a race team owner/pilot in which-ever class he chooses to compete-in with his impressive stable of race planes. (Copyright ’15-Don ‘Bucky’ Dawson)

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Rookie - Thomas Vaughn and Race #58, "Ol 58".
Welcome to the races Thomas!
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I'm going to the Reno Air Races in September. I sold my T-6 to a friend and he's entered in the T-6 race. Should be fun.

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Thank you Curtis Noble for the great shot of Lee Oman - Race 69 and Kevin Sutterfield - Race 42. 9/2016 ... See MoreSee Less

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Former T-6 racer, Bud Granley, and the 22 push-up challenge.

Show your support for this awareness - for our veterans - racers and fans, and post your videos!

How about we post from Reno daily with groups/teams doing 22 push-ups?

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