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Our mission is to bring great racing to our fans in Reno and other venues where racing may be.
Everyone is welcomed to join.

What a success 2021 was!
Here and gone too fast.
Congratulations to our Gold Class Winner Chris Rushing, Race# 14, Baron’s Revenge
and to our Classics Racer Bill Muszala Race# 49, Miss Ellaneous.
For the Final Results look on our News Page.

Plan on the Reno National Championship Air Races September 14 thru 18 2022.

National Championship Air Races – 2021 T-6 Reports:
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PRS – CONGRATULATIONS to our 4 new rookies who passed PRS – Arnold Angelicic, Joel Stinnett, Jason Karlin, and Loren Marburg. Welcome to the T-6 family! 

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2017 STIHL National Championship Air Races on NBC Sports – Part 2 of 3

NBC Sports Network created a program that takes viewers behind the scenes and into the cockpits of the 2017 STIHL National Championship Air Races. This program originally aired April 8, 2018.


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Pilots and Planes
Our 2021 Reno Champion – Chris Rushing
– Race# 14 Barons Revenge
– At race speed of 234.862mph


Our 2021 Classics Champion – Bill Muszala
– Race# 49 Miss Ellaneous


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