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2022 is now in the books. With lightning strikes shutting us down early in the week, smoke and visibility issues we managed to make it through the week. Each of our classes lost a heat race. On Sunday we had for the first time, all our Medal races on the same day. The Silver race was the most exciting with all 6 planes crossing the finish line in close order. Congratulations to Chris Rushing, Our Gold Class Campion.

With the tragic loss of Jet, Race 29 Aaron Hogue. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Family, Crew and Friends. 

R.A.R.A Nations Championship Air Races (NCAR) is scheduled for September 13 thru 17.

For the Final Results look here:
National Championship Air Races – reports.airrace.org/2022/index.html
NCAR information can be found at http://www.airrace.org
For information on racing applications email: Pilotregistration@airrace.org  

Plan on the Reno National Championship Air Races September 2023.


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Pilots and Planes – Photos of the 2022 winners:
Our 2022 Reno Champion – Chris Rushing
– Race# 14 Barons Revenge
– At race speed of 240.213 mph

Our 2022 Silver Class Champion – Greg McNeely
– Race# 90 Undecided II
– At race speed of 222.305 mph


Our 2022 Classics Champion – Bill Muszala
– Race# 49 Miss Ellaneous
– At race speed of 199.967 mph


Our 2022 Drag Race Winner – Greg McNeely
– Race# 90 Undecided II


Our 2022 Rookie of the Year – Brian Reberry
– Race# 13 


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